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Fender Flares, Bed Rail Caps, Trail Armor, Bumper Protectors

  • Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit
  • A raised lip around the FloorLiner™ protects up the side walls and contains spills
  • Deep, sculpted channels and reservoir keep fluids and debris in the liner and off your carpets
  • Rear & Front Over the Hump FloorLiner™ (where applicable) accurately and completely protects your passengers foot well area
  • Our DigitalFit® measurements allow our FloorLiner™ to cover more area

Fender Flares, Bed Rail Caps, Trail Armor, Bumper Protectors

Powersteps & Bed Extenders

GETTING INTO YOUR TRUCK SHOULDN’T FEEL LIKE CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST. That’s why AMP Research invented POWERSTEP™, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance. Its handsome design, all-weather performance and legendary reliability set the industry standard. Ditto its industry-leading 5-year/60,000-mile warranty.

Turnover Ball Goose Neck Hitches, Tow & Stow

You’ve got a lot riding on your hitch and those relatively small pieces of engineered steel play the leading role in keeping your truck and your trailer connected. The hitch matters to your safety and the safety of our roads.

That is why we treat the manufacture of your trailer hitch with the respect it deserves. For one, we insist on American-made steel, like the sheet steel we buy from U.S. Steel out of Gary, IN or the round bar that becomes the gooseneck ball made at a mill in Norfolk, NE. In a product where the strength and flexibility of the steel can mean life or death, we trust the U.S. steel mills with their finely controlled processes and specifications we can trust.

A hitch is only as good as the welds holding it together. We insist on making those welds under our roof. And the hard-working, skilled Americans that make the welds do so according to the ASTM Welding Standard (American Society forTesting and Materials). We wouldn’t have it any other way.